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Weather forecast

What weather is better for paintball?

Basically, any weatheris appropriate for paintball, because paintball can be played both in drifts of snow and the beautiful summer days, the rain, under the moonlight!

Each type of weather gives the game a different atmosphere. The indoor game can be playedat the area of Hajek, due to the huge roofed and heated facilities, a bar and social zone.Paintball can be played all year round even in very bad weather. Nothing can spoil the gaming experience.

Moreover - our ground is located on a former military base air defense of Prague and dispersion conditions at this point are particularly good. Even if itis rainingin Prague, our paintball groundhas nice weather. The best temperaturesfor paintball would be 5 to 25 degrees, cloudy and overcast.

However, the game in the snow can be unforgettable as well as the game in aT-shirt in summer heat. In such conditions you give maximum attention to any intervention and the game becomes more realistic and thus more attractive.

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Tel.: +420 725 805 738
e-mail: paintball@hrabarev.cz
Invoicing adress
o.s.Alternativa II - project Paint-Ball
Street: Terronská 56
City: Praha 6
Psč: 160 00
IČ 270 26 345
DIČ CZ 270 26 345

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Our paintball field adress
Paintball areal Hájek (near to prague's Zličín)
Street: Hájecká
City: Hostivice - Břve
PSČ : 253 01
GPS: 50°4'2.052"N, 14°12'4.343"E

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