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Paintball area - RZ Bratronice

Paintball area of the former RZ Bratronice is found in the destination of Praha-západ in a beautiful protected area of Křivoklátsko about 20 minutes drive from the western edge of Prague in the direction of Kladno. Raketová základna Bratronice is the largest official paintball area in Europe, size is as well as by the number of underground structures. Fenced size of the area exceeds 120 000 m2, area includes 7 underground bunkers for military equipment and staff, several purpose-built military buildings, illusory objects,rocket firing station, the hilly landscape, paved and unpaved roads and forest. Area RZ Bratronice is unlike the paintball area kasárny Hájek particularly focused on large public events and large private and corporate teambuilding games.The area is open to the public from the end of October 2011, just for public screenplay games.

Parameters - paintball area RZ Bratronice

Paintballové hřiště Hájek

Location: cca 20 minut od západního okraje hl.m. Prahy ve směru na Kladno u obce Bratronice (Poloha na mapy.cz),
GPS coordinate: 50°3'31.522"N, 14°0'39.485"E

Area: přes 120 000 m2 fenced area

Specifications of the game space: 1 x central underground bunker for the equipment and staff, 5x bunker for military equipment, 2x an underground bunker for infantry, 3x illusive object, wearhouse PHM, garages, ground operations building in the central part of the area, double decker monoblock in the accommodation background in the area, gatehouse, kennel, sauna, fire tanks, sewage treatment plants, the hilly landscape, woods, paved and unpaved roads.

Background: equipment rental, toilets and dressing rooms are available.

Capacity of the game space: area capacity is at its size 120 000 m2 almost unlimited, and when properly planned and organized paintball games area certainly holds without major problems over 500 players simultaneously playing. This number can be increased with properly developed scenarios. The question is not how many players can play simultaneously in the area, but how many are you able to get. We will take care of the organisation.

Game variants of the area RZ Bratronice: BratroniceYou can play within the grounds due to its size and composition of barriers, almost unlimited amount of game options, ranging from the classics (stealing flags from their home stationsand extraction of building, transfer of VIPs, the liberation of the hostages, pyrotechnic destruction of targets, liquidation commander) to accurately sophisticated scenario games, that are prepard specifically according to customer requirements. We are always ready to offer a large range ideas, ranging from simulations of actual battles and events, up to apocalyptic scenarios such as a resident evil and head hunter. We provide teambuilding activities that involvethe organizational structure of the company and providing a scenario game that will address the issues of market competition.

Additional activities: whether you are a corporate client that solves the classic problem that not everyone wants to play paintball or a private person who wants to enjoy your day to the fullest, we are always we able to offer additional activities that you may consider, as the site raketové základny Bratronice with its size and ground is suitable for almost all activities. We can arrange classical additional activities, such as rappelling buildings, quads, ride in military vehicles or off-road, shooting real weapons and so on. But we are ready to deal with people who do not want to play paintball without having to shoot a weapon, or be targeted by one.We can almost certainly guarantee corporate teambuilding or unusual private event with high demandsWe offer the best playgrounds and professional service in the Czech Republic.

Map of paintball area

Mapa Paintballového areálu Bratronice

Fotos from area

Naše paintballové hřiště Praha Naše paintballové hřiště Praha Naše paintballové hřiště Praha
Naše paintballové hřiště Praha Naše paintballové hřiště Praha Naše paintballové hřiště Praha
Naše paintballové hřiště Praha Naše paintballové hřiště Praha Naše paintballové hřiště Praha

Transport - how to get to our paintball field

GPS: 50°3'31.522"N, 14°0'39.485"E (The location on themapy.cz)

Unlike paintball former kasáren Hájek near the Prague Zličín we do not usually, without prior arrangement, give transport in the area RZ BratroniceIt is possible to get to the area by your own transport, and use the free parking located directly in the area RZ Bratronice, or after consultation only, of course, we are ready to provide transfer service to the area from any part of the Czech Republic and abroad.It is also possible to walk to the area from the station „Obecní úřad, Bratronice“. Mode of transportation that goes to the area during large public events and screenplay games is always given in the detailed information document of the event.

Opening hours and general conditions of the area RZ Bratronice

Normal opening hours

Mon according to agreement
Tue according to agreement
Wen according to agreement
Thu according to agreement
Fri according to agreement
Sat 10:00 - 20:00
Sun 10:00 - 20:00
Holidays 10:00 - 20:00

  • booking Private Games at the RZ Bratronice accepted for groups of 40 people, for less numerous private games you can use the specialized area kasáren Hájek,
  • Private games for a smaller number of people can be arranged only through previous mutual agreement,
  • Individuals and small groups can participate in regular public events, or you can book your own public game,
  • players under the age of 18 years may participate in the games under the supervision of a person 18 years or older

Objednávka paintballové hry
Trip Advisor
Booking and ordering
Mainly on this contacts

Tel.: +420 725 805 738
e-mail: paintball@hrabarev.cz
Invoicing adress
o.s.Alternativa II - project Paint-Ball
Street: Terronská 56
City: Praha 6
Psč: 160 00
IČ 270 26 345
DIČ CZ 270 26 345

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Our paintball field adress
Paintball areal Hájek (near to prague's Zličín)
Street: Hájecká
City: Hostivice - Břve
PSČ : 253 01
GPS: 50°4'2.052"N, 14°12'4.343"E

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