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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a section where you will find answers to frequently asked questions

Seznam dotazů s rychlými odkazy


Can children under 18 participate in games?

By law paintball marker (gun category D) may be used by people over 18. People under 18 years old may use markers under the supervision of a person 18 years or older. So, we can say yes!However, the recommended age is according to our experience min. 13 years and above - but it is a very individual thing. On our ground we usually require maintenance guardian of children under 15 and those who are between 15-18 support for persons older than 18 years (in agreement we can provide supervision over a person under 18 by our organizer).

Is intervention of the bullet very painful?

Not too much. Each person hastheir own sensitivityor different pain threshold, and therefore this can not be generalized. Some people play paintball only in shorts and T-shirt. In this case, however, hits are a little more painful and can even leave a bruise, but if you take enough clothes for the whole body, or more layers (T-shirt, sweatshirt and paintball overall), it is highly likely that hits you will feel, however these hits will not bepainful.Girls sometimes rent from us a protective paintball vest for 100% protection.

Is paintball safe?

Paintball is according to statistics of insurance safer than other sports such asfootball, netball or even golf.And especially due to strict compliance with safety rules. (For example: Mask should always be worn on your face during the entire stay on the game field, and in the recreational zone weaponmust be implanted by contrast cap that protects from accidental fire).

Play paintball women (girls)?

Quite frequently!

How can paint be washed?

Paintball bullet is filled with a food dye and is made of organic and biodegradable material - bullets can therefore be easily washed with a normal washing detergent.

Can we take our own bullets?

In case you have your own equipment - yes! If you rent our equipment, you need to buy bullets directly at the bar in our area. Standard price for one piece of ammunition is 1 CZK.

How many paintball bullets can one person fire during the game?

The number offired bullets is a very individual thing. The number of fired ammunition is particularly dependent on the way you play (attack, defense, protection of teammates).Much depends on how much bullets you want to spend during the game, because if you need, you can shoot only safe and minimally (in this case, you can suffice even 50 pieces of ammunition for the whole event), otherwise, of course, you can shoot almost unlimited amount of ammunition. The average player on our large campuses shoots usually from about 100 pieces of ammunition into about 300 pieces perday / event.

Can we play with own ammunition?

Yes! Details can be found here.

We have scheduled our event. Will we play even in the rain?

Our playground with background provides a very comfortable places for players, even in case of very bad weather (Roofed and heating background, a bar with hot drinks, etc.). When theweatheris really bad games are played for the most part in buildings and roofed areas that are part of both of our areas.

How long is the game going on?

Time of the game depends on what kind of game you play. Organizer of the game will always propose appropriate variations of games that will appeal to you and will answer your number of players, experience and so on.Games can last from a few minutes (5 minutes) to a few hours - it just depends on what kind of games you enjoy.

How long can we play?

On our playground we are trying in any way not to limit customers and it is therefore up to them how long your game lasts unless the playground is booked.From our side, we recommend to order the game for about 3-4 hours. An ordinary person, without long rest periods is not physically able to stay longer on the playground, because the games are quite physically demanding (Running, hiding, jumping, etc.).

What must we take with us?

Bring only sports clothe, military / sturdy shoes and scarf on your head.you do not have to takeanything elsewith you, because all other equipment you will rent directly at oursite.Of course you will purchase any amount of bullets and refreshments at the bar..

Can I come to your payground another way than by car?

Yes! On our playground barracks Hajek are easily accessible by public transport without problems, since we provide free transport to the barracks Hajek from the nearby public transportation stops.

What must we do, when we have a small group?

Sign up for one of the public events or book a private game and leave it open for other interested groups. At the same time you can set your public game open for beginners, players with experience, or all interested people, or you can leave it open only for players under 15, or over 18 players.

What is the minimum (recommended) number of players in the game?

Due to the parameters of our paintball grounds we accept a standard game of eight players. You can even play in two. Bookings for groups smaller than eight players reserved by prior arrangement only, and in less lucrative terms.If just under eight players we recommend them to attend one of the regular public events to which they can subscribe as individuals or groups. Alternatively you can start your own public event, and we will arrange opponents / teammates, and according to your requirements from complete beginners to advanced players with their own equipment.

What is the maximum recommended number of players?

Maximum number of players playing together at our paintballgrounds is not established. In the barracks Hajek this number exceeds the 200 players playing at the same time.In our second grounds RZ Bratronice number is almost unlimited.

We have scheduled our event. Will we play ourselves or automatically connect with another group?

Unless discussed with us, you will play only in that group that you have come.

Can we play paintball at winter?

Our areas are opend year-round. It is definitely nothing better than to jump in front of bullets into the soft snow drifts.Our areas are in case of adverse climate conditions, fully equipped, heated and roofed background, sanitary facilities and a bar, in which you can take hot drinks and snacks.

What bullets are used in your playground?

Fundamentally we only use high-quality branded bullets. In case of further interest please contact us - we will give you the details of our current warehouse stock.

What is the minimum quantity of bullets that I may consume?

Such requirements for customers we do not put. For the game only 1 piece might be enough.

From what material paintball bullet is made?

The package of the bullets is made of hydrogenated fat. A similar material is used for soluble medical capsule. The filling is made of food dye by secret mixtures of substances, which according to the manufacturer's guarantee are ecological and biodegradable.

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