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Discounts and bonuses for paintball

Paintballový set Tippmann + JT Elite

If you have ant discounts, always inform our staff at the counter, prior to any payments. Discounts are only given upon request. After payment is made discounts can not be used.Unless specified otherwise, discountsare not cumulativeand can be used only once.

Current special discount

If you want to play paintball and save money, we recommend you to take advantage of discounted prices for public events.Paintball public events are held every week from 149,- Kč (6€).

(valid from 10.09.2010 until canceled)

Student discounts for paintball

If you are a student and have a student ID, you can ask about student discounts. In this case you will pay for Registration + rental of basic equipment(30% less). So, instead of paying249,-Kč you will pay175,-Kč. Student discounts cann’t be combined with public events and othe discounts, except for group discountsor the open game discounts.

(valid from 10.09.2010 until canceled)

Group discount for paintball (Free paintball for organizer)

If you, as an individual wish to organize a group of people to come and start playing, we will pay you a bonus that will cover your expenses. (phone, time, etc.)

Group of 8 - 10 persons (1x Registration + rental of basic equipment for free)
Group of 11 - 15persons 200 pcs paintballs + (1x Registration +rental of basic equipment for free)
Group of 16 - 20persons Group of 16 - 20persons 600 pcs paintballs + ( 1x Registration + rental of basic equipment for free)
Group of 21 - 25persons Group of 21 - 25persons 800 pcs paintballs + 2x(Registration +rental of basic equipment for free)
Group of 26persons and more 1000 pcs paintballs + 2x(Registration +rental of basic equipment for free)

Attention!!! Discounts will not be valid if the registered number of participants changes, unless you inform us about the changes. Number of players, which is awarded by the discount applies only to full paying players without their own equipment..

(valid from 30.05.2011 until cancelled)

Discount for open paintball games

If you order a game in our area at least a week in advance and if you leave it open for other players, you will have a lower price of entry / basic equipment:

30,-Kč/person – it means that all players of your open game will pay 219,-Kč instead of 249,-Kč.

(valid from 31.06.2009 until cancelled)

Discounts for school events

For school events, we have prepared a special promotional price of entry designated for official school events accompanied by teachers. If such events take place in our area during weekdays till 15:00, the price of Registration + rental of basic equipment will be 99,-Kč. Other prices and rules are the sameas in other events. Details to that event and registration forms can be find here. This discount cann’t be combined with another.

(valid from 30.05.2011 until cancelled)

Discounts for players with own equipment

Players with own equipment can play on our fields at the registration price like players without own equipment. The difference is that players with own equipment can use there own paintballs(but cann’t use reballs and dust balls). Attention!!! The registration price doesnot include tanking gas. In our paintball zones we can tank CO2 and air, cost of it is like in PBS. We recommend that you always tell us if you need additional gas.

(valid from 30.05.2011 until cancelled)

Agency and corporate discounts for paintball

Agencies and corporate customers, we are able to provide special discounts. For more information please contact us.

Objednávka paintballové hry
Trip Advisor
Booking and ordering
Mainly on this contacts

Tel.: +420 725 805 738
e-mail: paintball@hrabarev.cz
Invoicing adress
o.s.Alternativa II - project Paint-Ball
Street: Terronská 56
City: Praha 6
Psč: 160 00
IČ 270 26 345
DIČ CZ 270 26 345

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Our paintball field adress
Paintball areal Hájek (near to prague's Zličín)
Street: Hájecká
City: Hostivice - Břve
PSČ : 253 01
GPS: 50°4'2.052"N, 14°12'4.343"E

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