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About project Paintball and the association

Logo paintballového sdružení

Project Paintball operates under the civil association Alternativa IIincluding the targets of promoting the development of science, culture, physical culture, sport and education, as well as assistance in environmental and social development, humanitarian operations and other activities to facilitate and promote the full development of human personality.

Project Paintball

Project Paintball dates its origin in the framework of the association since 2006, when it began to deal with the organization of paintball tournaments.Nowadays the project operates several of its own paintball grounds that are fully professionalized.

Besides the basic objectives of high quality services and achieving positive financial results, a project Paintball has the following particular goals:

  • conservation and reclamation of derelict military and industrial facilities,
  • creating a broad membership base (Club),
  • creating of anational team association, that is placed in top positions both in domestic and international competitions and represents the association and its sponsors / partnerswith dignity,
  • inclusion to the list of paintball sporting on summer Olympic disciplines,
  • development of positive social relations and informal relationships, physical training and raising solutions and organizational skills among project participants, members of the Association and community,
  • development of informal links between workers, coworkers, partners and volunteers who participate in the activities of the association,
  • develop links between people working in the nonprofit sector,
  • promoting the goals of the associations as well as the promotion of individual projects operating within the association,
  • promoting the non-profit sector and civil society,
  • supporting research and scientific work on reality and fiction, the impact of sport on the person, the impact of gameson the person, the impact of military games on man

Project Jakutská 14

The aim of this project is the reconstruction and adaptation of unused fallout shelters for music rehearsal room that would be available to mainly young, novice musicians and bands.This project currently has financial difficulty because it already invested a considerable amount of money from the resources of the association and a grant for the completion of reconstruction has so far been unsuccessful.If you would like to help in any way with the unfinished project (sponsorship, gift, grant or assistance with construction or your ideas) please do not hesitate contact us. (Website of the project are in preparation).

Boarish day

Boarish day is a project focusing on environmental themes, while its aim is influencing the behavior and mindset of peoplemainly through direct street action /heapeningu.If you see in the nearest future the city buzz pink piggies collecting the garbage that is strewn on the street and ask passersby "who's the pig?", do not respond, simply pick up the rubbish and throw it in the trash where it belongs, since the answer to the question seems to be quite obvious. (We are currently preparing a website of the project).

Upcoming projects

(Soon will be completed)

Objednávka paintballové hry
Trip Advisor
Booking and ordering
Mainly on this contacts

Tel.: +420 725 805 738
e-mail: paintball@hrabarev.cz
Invoicing adress
o.s.Alternativa II - project Paint-Ball
Street: Terronská 56
City: Praha 6
Psč: 160 00
IČ 270 26 345
DIČ CZ 270 26 345

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Our paintball field adress
Paintball areal Hájek (near to prague's Zličín)
Street: Hájecká
City: Hostivice - Břve
PSČ : 253 01
GPS: 50°4'2.052"N, 14°12'4.343"E

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