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About paintball

Tipmann Paintball O.S. Alternativa II

Paintball ws developed in the United States,where today it is so popular that it has obtained its own broadcasting space, so it can be followed on television with special tournaments available. Althought paintball is still in the innovationand development stage it is firmly ranked among other sports.

Paintball history

In the early sixties of the last century paintball was usedfor fun by farmers and ranchers to mark animals and trees. This can be considered the very beginning of paintball, that has evolved into enemy intervention by the markers

Paintball in our days

Paintball took its place among adrenaline sports and we could say that it is very quickly spreading worldwide, including the Czech Republic.Based on recent information, paintball is the third most popular adrenaline outdoor sport, after only 15 years of development.Physical preparation is not the most important aspect of a good paintball player.A good player should be able to quickly and accurately make decisions and play for the team. Basic division of paintball:

We must divide paintball into two camps, the first camp would be military paintball and the other one - sport (speed) paintball. Military paintball tries to reflect the atmosphere and the conditions of a real battle, and easily will draw you into its atmosphere. Sport paintballis mostly fast movements and shooting accuracy. Sport paintball is usually played in playgrounds with inflatable obstacles. This particular paintball has over 12 million registered players. Its popularity is enjoyed by all generations. If you are competitive, have team spirit and like adrenaline, try paintball.

The principle functions of marker

Paintball marker, a paintball gun works on the expansion of the compressed media. In our case, the carbon dioxide that is pressurized in a CO2 tank attached to the marker.The speed of the ball which leaves the barrel marker is around 300FPS (324 km / h), which is also for safety reasons our limit for the game. A bullet of such speed is able to fly about 45 meters, but it of course depends on weather conditions. Semi-automatic weapons are probably the most common type of marker.They operate on the principle of a single shot after pressing the shutter button. This is best for hobby players, since this system of shooting saves ammunition for unskilled players.


To charge up paintball markers we use special gelatinous bullets in a thin and brittle shell that contains food coloring. Fired bullets are biologically harmless, water-soluble and easy to wash off clothing. The principle of intervention is the bursting bullet which identifies the affected players inside the paint zone.

Safety in paintball

Safety is the main priority. Paintball playera are required to use all safetyequipment that is rented from is.The most important piece of equipment is the paintball mask that covers the whole face and the eyes. The entire game and rules are overseen by professional organizers.

A few types of paintball games

  • Capture the flag -this is a variant of paintball game where you must capture the flag of the opposing team. In this game there are many scenarios where you can have only one team flag, or maybe several.
  • Team deathmatch - the basic task is to defuse all the players on the opposing team
  • Shoot commander –the task is to destroy the opposing team commander

There are indeed many game options and scenarios. If you have your own ideas for the game scenarios, do not hesitate to contact us to share it and come play!

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